Video: Former UFC fighter Boston Salmon demolished by flagrant illegal knee strike in LFA

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Boston Salmon’s first fight after being released from the UFC ended in devastating fashion after he was the victim of a vicious illegal knee strike

UFC 251 Embedded, Episode 6: ‘Get to finally eat my cupcakes’

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In the final episode of UFC 251 Embedded, the fighters cut weight, wrap up media obligations and more.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

AJP invites Jiu-Jitsu community for another round of online rules course

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The AJP is offering another round of the Online Jiu-Jitsu Rules Course – Level 1 for both athletes and practitioners. The Jiu-Jitsu Rules Course will

Muay Thai/ Kickboxing

Muay Thai Month is Here! With 7 FREE give-aways

Ever wondered what it is like to feel like Rocky when you walked into the room? https://youtu.be/_5qVC7VPkRs Close your eyes and picture it.  Soon as you place

What to expect from Zen’s new instructor- A Thai Legend