Have you been to a Fight before? If Your answer is Yes, then you know what I mean by” there’s nothing quite like watching a live fight”. I had minimal interest in Muaythai before watching my first live fight. You hear things like Muaythai is a great sport, good for cardio blah blah blah.  Not that I had no interest in cardio, but the thought of getting more of it did not make my heart skip a beat. 

At my first fight, It all became very real. The drills and techniques you see in class serve a purpose. I saw the fighters in the ring throw round house kicks, knees, and jab cross combos. For once, it was all so real and useful. At the time, I trained for a maximum of 2 hours per month. Like I said- my heart wasn’t there. Today, when I train for less than 3 hours per week, my mood, energy and sleep know it.  I now train like a fighter- like one who knows whatever I am doing serves a purpose. 

This Friday, Gustavo will be taking the next step in his Muay Thai journey. After training for 5 years, he feels like it is the right time. He had wanted to fight before but had injuries. This time round, he is ready and as Bonus, he likes the organizers. When I asked Gustavo if he had any concerns- his answer was: “NO. ” I am just looking forward to it”

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