5 Days to BJJ Belt Testing: 3 Reasons Why You wanna be there

It’s that time of the year where we see the reward of all the hard work we have put in on the mats. Sensei David will be doing the testing this year, on behalf of Marcus Soares. Here is What you need to Know:

Date: Tuesday December 10th;Time: 8:00-9:30 pm,

Agenda: Warm up, Rolling, Belts , Stripes  and Food & Drinks.

Are you on the fence about showing up? Here are 3 reasons why don’t wanna miss this:

1. You have nothing to lose

“There is no losing in jiu jitsu. You either win or you learn.” – Carlos Gracie, Sr.

Enough said. But I will add: On days when I have dragged myself to Dojo, there was never a time when I thought : ” What a waste of time”. Each drill, each roll, each submission is a moment to learn. And a moment to remember what you are learning.

2. You will be surprised 

“Jiu jitsu and martial arts do not build character, they reveal it. We are all born with unmeasurable courage and determination, but it is as we go through the trials of rigorous training that we rediscover those gifts.” – Ricardo Almeida  

In my brief BJJ journey, my technique, confidence and love for the Graceful Martial Art has not come from the drillls but from the times I tapped and rolled anyways.

3. You only live once

“If you ask me what belt I am today I’ll tell you that I’m a white belt that never gave up.” – Jean Jacques Machado

A wise athlete once said: You miss 100% of the Shots you don’t take.


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