Muay Thai Month is Here! With 7 FREE give-aways

Ever wondered what it is like to feel like Rocky when you walked into the room?

Close your eyes and picture it.  Soon as you place one foot into the room, The Eye of the Tiger starts to play, from absolutely no where. As you listen to the lyrics: ”  it’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight♫.You realize your presence turned on the music.

ZEN has some Great News that will help you feel like Rocky when you step into the room. This Month, March 2020, We will be giving you 7days of FREE training with Thailand’s Kru Phon. 

You may be wondering if Kru Phon trained Rocky? No, he did not. But he has fought over 200 fights, has been an instructor for Years in Thailand, and can train You to be a Rocky in the video above.

So, Go on Tiger, Send an email here or call 613-723-2800 to get your 7 FREE days of Training

From one that has Trained with Kru Phon, expect this :Pro-Training to Unleash Your Greatness. And, Yes, You guessed it, Expect to feel like Rocky.

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