Pros react to Jon Jones’ arrest for DWI, other charges

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jon Jones is in trouble with the law again. The UFC light heavyweight champion faces multiple charges, including aggravated DWI, from an arrest Thursday morning in Alberqueque. See how the pros reacted below:

See, there’s no need to panic. The world’s still perfectly normal.

— Colby Covington (@ColbyCovMMA) March 26, 2020

This is so unbelieveable it’s almost laughable! #sameoljon #somechamp #sad

— Dominick Reyes (@DomReyes) March 26, 2020

So sad the modern world is all about hype!
Now many people starting to insult Jon Jones without knowing his real situation!
Fighting on the same card , I could see he is kind and noble man !
Him being in all that difficult times – he will be back Stronger !

— Valentina Shevchenko (@BulletValentina) March 26, 2020

Obviously as a recovery/addiction advocate I sympathize with Jon here, but at the same time at one point or another its black and white… either learn from your mistakes and set a good example, especially with the size of the platform he has, or fuck it all up…

— Jared Gordon (@JFlashGordonMMA) March 26, 2020

For the life of me I can’t figure out why he doesn’t hire a buddy and pay him $50k a year to be his driver

— Ben Askren (@Benaskren) March 26, 2020

Smh he can’t even quarintine right

— Belal Muhammad (@bullyb170) March 26, 2020

This guy again ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ WOW guess what nothing gonna happens again! Wow what a shame!

— GILBERT BURNS DURINHO (@GilbertDurinho) March 26, 2020

This is the most talented fighter in the history of MMA. Imagine if other sports had to deal with their GOAT being such a mess. It’s drives me nuts.

— Sean O’Connell (@realOCsports) March 26, 2020

At least he was drinking Recuerdo ‍♂️

— Michael Chiesa (@MikeMav22) March 26, 2020

don’t send him to jail he won’t learn his lesson, lock him in a cage with me instead.

— Dillon Danis (@dillondanis) March 26, 2020

I hate to say I told you so ‍♂️ ‍♂️ I need to give this man some medicine. Do you think I could fix him? ‍ #ufc #jonejones #bonesjones #mma #bjj #muaythai #kickboxing #wrestling #traumahealing

— Ian McCall (@Unclecreepymma) March 26, 2020

Not even the corona virus can keep, Bill fuckin cosby Jones off of the streets of abq during this global pandemic!! What a bitch! THE FAKEST FUCK EVER!!! Fake ass supporters & followers too ⚔️ #realburque

— Diego Sanchez UFC (@DiegoSanchezUFC) March 26, 2020

Wise people said #stayathome, but no…

— Jan Blachowicz (@JanBlachowicz) March 26, 2020

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